Glamglow Triple-Acid Oil-Free Moisturizer Review

by skincaredom

Finally, an oil-free moisturizer you can trust for acne-prone skin.

GLAMGLOW’s SUPERWATERGEL Triple Acid Oil-Free Moisturizing Cream is a non-acne-causing liquid gel that can moisturize for 24 hours and help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. The weightless formula controls the gloss and does not trigger new breakthroughs. The formula contains mild clarifying acid, which can help the complexion maintain balance, health and clarity.

I like that it contains anti-acne ingredients. There is a hint of black licorice scent. I hate black licorice, but I can deal with this smell. It is a very light lavender moisturizing cream. It is suitable for normal, combination and oily skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and pyruvic acid.

It is super light and can penetrate into the skin, although it is fast, and it seems to be emptied very quickly. And it is very moisturizing and refreshing. It keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day. I like to use it to see the fine lines caused by dryness disappear.

I have to say, I like it very much!


$56.00 1.7 fl. oz./50 ml


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