Glamglow Supermud® Review

by skincaredom

As with Glamglow, design comes first. The mask comes in a heavy, white and silver jar that looks almost metallic.

It’s two simple colors, but I think the way they come together gives the mask an extra touch of style and you’ll want to pick it up and double-check it before using it. There is an additional protective cover under the main cover.

This mask has a clay texture and the product is dark in color with consistency: the clay, with dark petals, is easy to apply; it starts to dry quickly.

The longer the mask is on the face, the more it tightens. I let it sit until it dries completely, which happened within 20 minutes. Afterwards, even without the large scrub particles, I wash it off very gently to avoid skin irritation. This is my biweekly ritual.

It made me feel like I had a deep clean because I felt so fresh – my skin did feel brighter. My pores weren’t too big anyway, but I still noticed they looked slightly smaller.

I love that this mask really sucks all the crap out of your face – you can see it too. I apply it with a flat foundation brush and then apply a thin layer on my face to Avoid my eyes and mouth! Then I wash it off with lukewarm water.

Immediately after seeing its effects, I fell in love with this treatment: refined skin, invisible pores and a luminous face. No negative side effects. So if you’re looking for immediate visible results after the first use, try this treatment!

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  • $25.00/0.5oz.
  • $39.00/1oz.
  • $60.00/1.7oz.
  • $86.00/3.4oz.


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