Glamglow Rosé Glow Review

by skincaredom

Featuring a Brightening Eye Cream and Exfoliating Mask, this set provides skin-pleasing ingredients for a bright, even glow.

First, it comes in a stunning rose gold tube, worthy of a #shelfie. When you squeeze it, a shimmery pale pink paste emerges. The directions say to rub it on clean skin in circular motions to activate it.

The mask comes in the same rose colored glass bottle, which is very sturdy and thick.

This formula uses both lactic acid (AHA) and salicylic acid (BHA). They sink into the skin to remove dead skin cells and increase cell turnover. Lactic acid also has moisturizing properties.

I wet the mask and massaged it for a minute and then washed it off. I immediately felt the difference. My entire face is smoother and my skin looks brighter like I’ve applied a moisturizer.

There are even golden flecks all over my skin. It gave the exact result I wanted from a brightening mask without irritation. It gave me the surprise I was looking for!

The eye cream is also my favorite, I visibly find it creates a smooth canvas for my eye makeup and instantly goes from tired to energized for my eyes that have to stay up late at work.

The combination of these two products solved most of my face problems and gave an amazing change to my makeup in no time and I had to use them every day.

Have you tried this set? It’s definitely worth it!

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