Glamglow Makeup Setting Spray Review

by skincaredom

When GLAMGLOW’s new Glowsetter™ setting spray arrived after a while, I screamed with joy.

Its box and bottle are silver and disgusting pink. I like this packaging very much! Also, when you open the box, it says “Helly Sexy”.

Glamglow Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray claims to keep makeup fresh while adding a sexy glow throughout the day. It finishes makeup with the soft, cloud-like mist of mineral-rich electrified water; it is infused with caffeine to awaken dull skin; it instantly enhances radiance; Teaoxi® green tea, white tea and black tea complex help moisturize, soothe and smooth Environmental pressure.

It has a very comfortable and light feel, but it really holds the makeup in place. There is absolutely no stickiness, although it is a product that you can reapply if necessary, but I don’t have to. I used Glowsetter™ and a new, very fluid foundation on the weekend, and I was worried that it might slip all day, but the setting spray did help to keep it all day long. It can also remove powder residues and help blend makeup into a polished effect.

This spray smells very good! Apart from being sweet and refreshing, I can’t really describe the smell. Trust me, this is great. Overall, if you like that luminous life, this styling spray is definitely worth a try.


$16.00 110ml / 3.75 fl oz.


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