Glamglow Instant Clearing Treatment Mask Review

by skincaredom

Glamglow is an innovative beauty and skin care brand that provides fast and effective results. Their signature clay mask is made of French kaolin and other powerful natural ingredients.

SuperMud Instant Clearing Treatment Mask is very popular for a reason-it works. Made with purifying charcoal, this mask fights bad guys, causes dull skin, strips off dirt, toxins and excess oil and improves acne skin in one use.

This Glow mask is made with the brand’s Super 6 Acid Blend, which washes away dead skin cells and uncovers the fresh and healthy skin underneath. After cleansing your face with this mask, add Glamglow YouthMud treatment to give you a truly radiant complexion.

It is light and soft on my skin with different colors, so you know when it is ready to fall off. To

I found that my skin was cleared a bit, I found this to be a good thing, it smells like pure herbs, but the results are surprising. I always repurchase this because I have acne-prone skin and very large pores, but I saw the results on the first use. It can really minimize pores and erythema.

I did find Glamglow a bit expensive, but their luxury products have a long way to go. You can often find their things in Winners/Marshall’s and other places, and the prices are much lower. Great product Glamglow, look forward to trying more of their things in the future!


  • $25.00 0.5fl.oz/15g
  • $39.00 1.0fl.oz/30g
  • $60.00 1.7fl.oz/50g
  • $86.00 3.4fl.oz/100g


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