Glamglow Hydrating Treatment Mask Review

by skincaredom

I tried Glamglow ThirstyMud moisturizing treatment! I have been wanting to try Glamglow mask for a while, and I am finally addicted to it.

Thirstymud is a blue box with a silver accent. When you open the box for the first time, it will say “You are so sexy” and it will make your day full of energy. The product fits nicely in the box, and there is a star on the top of the lid to represent their logo. The product itself is in a silver and metallic blue jar.

Hyaluronic acid, citric acid and Hydraclay can capture and retain moisture in the skin, providing long-term, continuous hydration. Coconut oil, honey and ginger, we all know that they are good for the skin and often appear in skin care products, they can make the skin instantly radiant.

It has an unusual beige color, but it looks clear on the skin, so if you apply a thick layer on the fly, it won’t give you any interesting, judgmental appearance. Apart from the incredible results, one of my favorite things is smell. Think about the mouth-watering, exotic, cola-cola, sunscreen scent, you still won’t be close to the deliciousness of this scent.

Continuous use of it really makes my face more radiant. When I touch my face now, it feels that the bottom of the baby is smooth and moisturized, and my overall complexion is younger and healthier. Since I did not drink enough water, this mask is a holy grail for my skin. Nourishing, I just have an overall younger and healthier complexion.

So, all in all, I recommend that you stay in this state for as long as possible. This way you will indeed get better results. I really recommend it!


  • $25.00 15g/0.5 fl oz.
  • $60.00 50g/1.7 fl oz.
  • $86.00 100g/3.4 fl oz.


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