Glamglow Daily Conditioning Cleanser Review

by skincaredom

Since taking extra care of my skin care routine recently, I have been using cleansers as if no one cares. One of the items I recently added is Glamglow GentleBubble Daily Conditioning Cleanser, so I think I will share my thoughts with you.

The ultimate daily conditioning cleanser that gently and effectively cleanses the skin, removing facial makeup and daily impurities.

Oatmeal amino acids can condition the skin, while the gentle foam can deeply cleanse and dissolve makeup. This gentle foaming cleanser is a blend of apple extract, vitamin E and TEAOXI® green tea leaves.

It is inspired by the rainbow halo of bubbles and is gentle, soap-free, SLS and SLES-free.

Glamglow Gentlebubble Daily Conditioning Cleanser is a creamy pearly cleanser. Moderate thickness. Apply it to damp face and massage. Can be used to remove makeup to avoid the eye area. Sometimes I do this, it can wash off the makeup well. The washbasin has no fragrance, which is unusual for a brand.

They usually have a very core fragrance. After use, the skin is very soft and not tight. The product provides a slight moisturizing effect.

It foams nicely, and certainly not more. I noticed that the texture of my forehead looks better, and the bumps on my chin line look less terrible. My skin feels clean and soft, I dare to look brighter. I am expecting a little more, but in fact it is just a basic mild cleanser.

All in all, it brought me a lot of surprises.




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