Glamglow Clearing Cream-to-Foam Cleanser Review

by skincaredom

I describe this Glamglow Supercleanse Charcoal Cleaner as a smoother and gentler version of Glamglow Supermud Tinglexfoliate mask. Supercleanse provides very gentle exfoliation and tightens pores.

Visually, it is a gray cream, we have to apply it on the skin, massage it, add water and wash it off. By the way, it has a nice mint fragrance, which cools my skin very well.

The design is a high-quality layout and fully embodies the concept of the brand! The packaging is holographic and looks beautiful. It’s really good to hold in your hand, there is a white tube with silver lettering inside, which will not fade or disappear over time.

Glamglow Supercleanse has a light mint and licorice aroma-I like this combination of scents, but for those who don’t like licorice, this is just a reminder. In addition, this cleanser will make your face slightly tingling, but it is refreshing and cool with peppermint oil.

I might buy this cleanser again-I really like that it reduces pores. However, my skin really benefits from the daily cleanser, which has a physical exfoliating effect. Have you used it?


$32.00 5fl.oz/150mL


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