Glamglow Brightmud™ Review

by skincaredom

I really enjoy using this exfoliating mask. I’m usually impressed with GLAMGLOW products, so I’m happy to say that this lives up to expectations.

Comes in a stunning rose gold tube, worthy of a #shelfie. When you squeeze it, a shimmery pale pink paste emerges. When I first went through the treatment, I immediately felt the fine pumice stone working.

I love the texture, consistency and fragrance of this product. I also love the shimmery feel in the formula. Maximize skin radiance and help optimize skin absorption for the rest of your regimen.

While chemical exfoliants loosen the bonds that attach dead skin cells, physical exfoliants work to help gently exfoliate these skin layers for optimal radiance.

I was actually impressed the first time I used it! My face feels as smooth as ever. I leave the mask on for 45 minutes and then moisturise a little before rinsing.

No irritation was noticed other than a little redness where I rubbed it during rinsing. I can’t wait to see how my face looks and feels on day three.

My entire face is smoother and my skin looks brighter like I’ve applied a moisturizer. It leaves my skin feeling super soft, looking brighter and not irritating at all.

I find that my skincare sinks faster and my makeup looks smoother. It exfoliates well and leaves my skin feeling soft and revitalized every time. Finally, it has a light floral fragrance. I love so much!

If you love exfoliating masks, I definitely recommend!

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  • $25.00/15g
  • $60.00/65g


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