Glamglow 6-Acid Refining Treatment Review

by skincaredom

As a new star in the mask industry, GlamGlow is constantly breaking through itself. From the first shiny black can mask to the limited edition star can tear mask that was hit last year, GlamGlow has never been diligent and diligent in research and development.

Here comes the secret weapon, Glamglow’s super serum. Superserum is a skin buffering and gentle peeling serum that removes dead skin cells and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It is rich in super hexaacid mixture, which is a highly effective exfoliating AHA, BHA and PHA acid complex that acts on all layers of the skin to dissolve dead skin cells. In addition, Glamglow Superserum promotes cell renewal and improves skin appearance and complexion. Adding activated carbon can clean the pores, and hyaluronic acid can immediately moisturize the skin. Use serum after cleansing and before moisturizing cream.

When I apply it, I feel that this essence is very effective, so it is not suitable for sensitive skin. Anyway, I can see the improvement of the skin.

I noticed that the exfoliating effect has a very good effect on my skin. Because it removes dead skin cells, my skin is more radiant and it doesn’t seem to feel so dry. The serum smells good, neutral, has a thin structure and is quickly absorbed.

Do you have experience using GlamGlow products?


$65.00 30 ml /1.01 fl oz.


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