Glamglow 6-Acid Clarifying Primer Review

by skincaredom

If you like a super-grip matte primer, you will like this a little bit a long way, I found that once you apply it, all my oily girls will lime themselves, this is for you! ! ! Super long lasting staying power!

Due to the way the product was packaged, when I opened the box for the first time, I was a little surprised by the deep purple gray and looked forward to the powder.

It does come with a small spoon, so you don’t have to put your fingers in it, which is good.

It has an instant matte effect, and reduces the appearance of pores through a mixture of Super 6 Acid, bamboo and clay activated carbon, bringing sexy, non-greasy and clean skin. The vegan ingredient rich in hyaluronic acid is used for hydration and the longest makeup time. This lightweight primer creates a silky smooth base for makeup while providing all-day oiliness control!

This is a lightweight base makeup balm that can be applied clearly to create a silky smooth and fuzzy base makeup, making makeup more even, while providing all-day gloss control. The non-acne and oil-free moisturizing formula creates a comfortable, breathable barrier that helps prevent dirt, oil, debris and makeup from clogging pores, keeping the skin clean and glowing.

How the primer makes you matte and shiny. I do realize that it can minimize my pores. It fixed my makeup for a long time. It looks super matte and smooth under my makeup. Love this product very much! recommend you!


$42.00 0.5oz / 15g


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